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We keep your family Safe & your car reliable

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Full Car Service from $179

Car Service From $128.50


We simplify car servicing and repairs

By Keeping it right for you


Our unique mission, vision and values are focused on people, cars and solutions.

We understand that every person and every car is different, requiring a unique approach to car care. 


Fixed price service & repair options, ensure you get your automotive needs met in a predictable and transparent way, with added value and convenience.  

AutoKeepers® guarantee all repairs & services. 

We're so sure our service and advice will be right for you - We Guarantee it!.

See further service packs here  for more details. 

With over 20 years of automotive expertise the AutoKeepers® system was developed to overcome the "Car maintenance experience" being too stressful,  confusing and underwhelming for most consumers. 


We offer a transparent buying experience backed by our accountability driven culture, for results that help you make productive and informed car service & car repair choices, While also simplifying the complex nature of cars - keeping you driving safely. 

AutoKeepers® therefore places you in the driver's seat of your own experience and guarantee the best possible results when servicing and repairing your car.





Your expert partners in automotive

service and repair 



Automotive Service Experts

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Keeping it right for you™ 

Service you deserve at prices you can afford ©

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AutoKeepers® are committed to Keeping It Right For You 

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