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AutoKeepers® Provides One of  The Most Unique & Competitive Franchise Systems in Australia 

With Royalty's of Just 6.5% of Sales charged monthly - No Marketing Fee's, No Mark Up On Supplied Goods & Strategic Partnerships with Key Suppliers ensures continued huge success, customer demand & team member engagement widely experienced at AutoKeepers, which has seen 3 Stores in Brisbane, be launched & thrive during all manner of adversity -


Our Franchise Owners Are Our Business Partners, Literally! -


No Approval is Granted Unless We Become 50/50 Partners in Each Site. -

We Love & Back Our Business So Much We Own Part of Every Store, Taking Care of All The Ugly-Parts of Business Ownership - Freeing Our Partners To Grow, Thrive & Drive The Stores To Success Unprecedented in Our Space!   

19 Reasons To Team Up With Us!  

  1. Mentoring & Business Support Second to NONE! 

  2. Distinctive & Memorable Branding

  3. Powerful Brand Message 

  4. Clear & Shared Brand Vision 

  5. Unique Customer Experience 

  6. Visceral & Statistical Market & Industry Understanding 

  7. Addresses Well Studied Market Needs 

  8. Improves Franchise Partner & Consumer's Lives

  9. Head Office Belief in Servant Leadership 

  10. Sustainable  &  Repeatable  

  11. Fosters an inclusive, Diverse, Safe and Expressive Company Culture Driven by The Brand's "Why" 

  12. Is 100% Committed to Infinite Growth, Improvement & Learning 

  13. Attracts & Retains Top Level Talent 

  14. Boasts a Robust Profitable Financial Model 

  15. Offers Unrivalled Training & Education in Personal, Professional and Financial Realms. 

  16. Transparent & Competitive Royalty & Marketing structures that support long term owner growth.  

  17. Maintains a Unique Value Proposition in the Market For Store Owners & Consumers 

  18. Offers Unrivalled Administrative Support & Systems Including Cashflow Management 

  19. Maintains the AutoKeepers® Unique 8 Points of Constant Contact & Refinement;    In the Critical fundamentals of professional success and the improvement of the human experience at work 

  • Business Operation Support 

  • Sales & Commerce Training & Support 

  • Goal Setting & Attainment 

  • Recruitment & Human Resource's  

  • Financial Management & Fiscal Responsibility

  • Owner-Operator Personal Well Being & Development   

  • Brand Specific Support In Understanding & Adhering to The Brand Values

  • Compliance With all  Consumer & Corporate Governance 

  • Improved Lifestyle 

  • Improved Business Valuation 

AutoKeepers® knows this is 'just some' of what it takes to make the impact we seek. 


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