Our Mission
" To Keep Your Family Safe & Your Car Reliable 

 By Keeping it Right For You™ "

We aim to improve the experience of getting auto service and repairs completed, by not only setting a new heights of 'operational standard' but also by adding customer benefits, and a unique product offering, while contributing to the improvement of people's lives and keeping them free to choose and explore. We believe your car is your freedom.  


Our Vision 

" A Simpler More Transparent

Auto Service & Repair Experience "

We strive to ensure maximum consumer enjoyment by using our products, services, and unique market position to simplify your life when it comes to the car. Our staff with expert technical skills that were refined over extensive careers are on standby and ready to provide you with exceptional service at your local AutoKeepers store.

Complacency has no place at AutoKeepers we continuously develop our brand and our system you can count on us to stay fully informed and up to date with Automotive Technological advancement and consumers needs.  

Our Values 

" Transparency, Continuous Improvement, 

Accountability, Contribution, & Choice "

Our core values of transparency, choice, unity, continuous improvement, societal contribution and meaningful service to others, are all integral in providing the AutoKeepers unique experience and arming our customers with all the information needed to make fully informed decisions. 

We are real people, solving real problems

We are the definition of quality over quantity in every aspect. 

Our recruitment and training systems follow specialized procedures all potential AutoKeepers are developed at our specially equipped training centre where they are required to satisfactorily complete and pass all set courses before being offered the privilege in Keeping It Right For You™. 

AutoKeepers Certified Technicians

 Deliver Premium Service,  Affordable Prices & Assured Results.   

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Our Belief's

Team Building AutoKeepers

Collaboration   Accountability   Responsibility & Leadership
= Growth & Change  

We believe in Automotive Keeping Excellence, meaningful service for others, and in integrity above all else,   We believe change is possible.

We recruit with the philosophy that we can lead many to successful change and improvement, but cant carry so much as 'one' on our back, a shared vision for infinite improvement means Fine Leaders, with extra fine technical skills AutoKeepers The Only Way To Keep it Right For You ©