What Makes a Great Mechanic?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When it comes to cars and Servicing or Repairing them, the AutoKeepers® team of professionals have everything you need to maintain your freedom and continue enjoyment of your car! Check out our website and see if we can help Keep Your Car Right For You.

Things We Hate About Mechanics

Your car is probably the second-largest asset you'll buy in life - in many cases, it may even be the largest. Knowing this is powerful because your car needs to be Kept Right For You. Therefore, whether you only use your car on weekends (decreasing wear) or whether you use it for work (increasing wear); whether the car is young (strong) and able to withstand significant load and usage, or whether it is old (vulnerable); whatever the case may be, your car requires extensive attention and loving care to keep it in the condition it deserves.

We operate much the same as a doctor who tailors their advice and care process to a patient's unique requirements. AutoKeepers is the only Automotive Services business to provide care to its customers via specific business systems 'written for people', by people who understand the necessity for something more. We have a unique philosophy of putting people first, cars second. While we centre both around Keeping it Right For You™ this way of engagement under-pins our every business system.

AutoKeepers have a deep understanding of your unique wants and needs. On a case-by-case basis, we combine our highly specialised, technical automotive skills of over 20 years with our profound desire to serve and assist others.

We recently completed a Study & Survey with the cooperation of 20 random participants, highlighting the following core problems to which we aim to provide comprehensive solutions - While Improving the Auto Industry!

  1. Car Service and Repair are Too Confusing. (We don't want jargon or mechanical talk. We only want the answers and the car to function like it is supposed to).

  2. Car Service and Repair are Stressful. (We just want to know all the steps, no surprises and no late returns with the vehicle in worse shape than before it was serviced).

  3. Workshops are Simply Hard to Trust. Do they really know what they are doing? (We want real experts, with our experience of the repair transaction serving as verification of their expertise). The old saying, 'the proof is in the pudding' rings true here.

  4. Many Mechanics are Rip-Offs. (We understand why people say this). It typically has to do with the complete inadequacy of auto service providers in solving real problems for their customers. When something is valued (being right for you), it's 'valuable'. We know that communication is crucial to a good relationship. We specialise in sorting out the complex challenges related to both cars and people while preventing these problems from recurring.

Customise the way in which you maintain your car without compromising on safety, reliability and comfort. Use AutoKeepers as your trusted source of service and advice regarding Car Servicing & Repairs.

To speak with your local AutoKeeper just call 1800KEEPERS or see our webpage

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